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CHEQ™ Conversion is the process of converting a paper CHEQ™ to an electronic image and payment. This process is easy for the consumer, cashier and administrative personnel. The value of integrating RetailCHEQ™ conversion into your retail payment system is that it will reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.

The savings over traditional paper CHEQ™ processing include reduced transaction time at the check-out lane, a more efficient process for closing out registers at the end of each shift and faster availability of funds.

RetailCHEQ™ Benefits

  • Reduces Processing Costs vs. Paper
  • Access to CHEQ™ Image Archive
  • Eliminate All NSF Returned Item Fees With eRecovery™
  • Minimizes Returned Items
  • Reduces Other Return Fees
  • Better Returned Item Tracking
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Speeds up Funds Availability
  • Reduced Banking Fees
  • Easier Daily Cash Management
  • Faster Deposit Preparation

RetailCHEQ™ Process

Considering all the elements of cost and efficiency, RetailCHEQ™ conversion is substantially favorable to traditional paper CHEQ™ processing.

CHEQ™ Processing, LLC. merchants can feel confident in utilizing the RetailCHEQ™ conversion process.

RetailCHEQ™ Solution

Throughout the payment industry, CHEQ™ brand is synonymous with security, innovation and flexibility.

Businesses feel secure knowing that RetailCHEQ™ utilizes the most accurate information available when deciding whether to accept a customer’s CHEQ™.

We have an extensive history of providing businesses the information needed to make important decisions that affect their bottom line.