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About Us

Innovative Visionaries

CHEQ™ Processing, LLC. is an innovative leader in the electronic payment processing industry. The corporate offices of CHEQ™ Processing, LLC. are in Dallas, Texas and its processing centers are located in Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota and Texas. We provide businesses with the latest technology in electronic payment processing and the most innovative solutions for the recovery of insufficient (NSF) fund items.

Combined with the synergy of our processing centers and alliance partners, we develop new payment processing methods to meet the needs of clientele who demand the latest and most innovative solutions. We take great pride in the foresight to look ahead at technology trends and use our insight to see how technology can benefit our clients.

It is our mission to help client establish a cost efficient strategy with their current payment processing, and help plan for transitional development to meet future payment processing requirements. It is our pledge to implement the best products and services available within the industry while determining the most effective solution to meet our clients’ needs.

CHEQ Processing, LLC…Your Future in Payment Processing

Electronic CHEQ™ conversion is the process of converting a paper check to an electronic payment. Our system is easy to operate for the consumer, cashier and administrative personnel. There is tremendous value when integrating CHEQ™ conversion into a retailer’s payment system: cost reductions with greater efficiency and faster funding.

Savings over traditional paper CHEQ™ processing include bank fees, deposit preparation, returned item tracking, cash management and collection. Other savings include:

  • Reduced transaction time at the CHEQ™- out
  • More efficient process for closing out registers
  • Reduced returned items
  • Efficient processing of the remaining NSF items
  • Improved customer service
  • More secure transaction with less exposure
  • Reduced error rate

Considering the cost and efficiency, conversion is substantially favorable to traditional CHEQ™ processing. CHEQ Processing, LLC. merchants can feel confident in utilizing all of our CHEQ™ transaction processing methods. Our transaction backbone currently processes hundreds of millions of dollars annually through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.

Our Flagship Service

Integrated into each of our electronic CHEQ™ payment services is our flagship service, eRecovery™. This proprietary NSF and returned item collection process is designed to provide fast and efficient recovery of NSF funds while virtually eliminating NSF banking fees assessed to merchants and businesses alike.

With the CHEQrecovery™ process, there are NO NSF fees charged to the merchant for the first or second return. The collection of the CHEQ™ writers NSF fee funds the process. A notice ofan electronic returned item is provided to the merchant within 48 - 72 hours of the original settlement date, which directly compares to a period of 5 - 10 days for traditional paper processing. This provides a considerable advantage to the merchant in having the ability to quickly pursue payment recovery on returned items.