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ewebBILL is the perfect way for your customers to both receive and pay their bill online. No more mail to open, postage to pay or checks to write. The complete answer when your customers demand the convenience and advantage of receiving and paying their bills online instead of paying postage to mail a check and payment coupon.

With ewebBILL™ your customers who request the service get their bill via e-mail. You choose how ewebBILL™ will look, how much data it has and how much you want to advertise on the statement. There is a link on each ewebBILL™ so that your customer can click to pay, view, and access their statement. Payments can be made via your web site or hosted on our secure servers.

ewebBILL™ Benefits

  • Your Customers Save Postage Every Month
  • Customers Get Their Bills Faster and Have Online Access
  • The Money is Electronically Debited from Their Bank Account
  • Less Expensive Than Paper Invoice Billing
  • You Get Your Money Faster
  • You Reduce Paper Check and Payment Coupon Handling
  • Integrates With All Other Forms of Automated Payment Processing
  • Instant Access to Daily ewebBILL™ Transaction Information Online
  • ewebBILL™ is Quick and Inexpensive to Set-up

ewebBILL™ Process

On your regular statement cycle you simply transmit a file with your billing information via secure upload to ewebBILL™. The statement file can be sent PDF, POSTSCRIPT or a DATA FILE. We parse the file to get it ready for e-mailing to your customers. We can include any of YOUR marketing information to the e-mailed statements as long as the customer has enrolled in the service. We also format the bills sent out for web presentment – both HTML and PDF format so that customers can view and print from their web browser. The e-mail has a hyperlink that the customer can click to go to your web site or our secure servers to view bill details and pay electronically by eCHEQ™ or credit card. Each day, payments authorized by your customers are submitted to the CHEQ™ Processing Center for settlement.

ewebBILL™ Facts

ewebBILL™ can be “stand alone” or integrate with other CHEQ™ services. We manage the e-mail address database maintenance and compliance for you. ewebBILL™ is the only Online Bill Presentment service that does not require a large upfront investment and does not require a complicated customized file exchange format.

ewebBILL™ Solution

You can get to market faster with low up-front investment, and your customers will love the convenience of receiving a bill that looks just like the one they used to get in the mail. Now they can click “submit” and pay it online. They will also love being able to look up their payment history on line. With our payment services, you can feel secure knowing that the data is secure at all times.