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With CHEQrecovery™ you will NEVER pay NSF fees again. Notice of the returned item is provided to your business within 48 - 72 hours of the original settlement date.

This directly compares to a period of 5 - 10 days for the traditional paper return process, giving you a considerable advantage for your business. You now have the ability to more quickly pursue payment retrieval.

Regulations have permitted the conversion of Returned Check Items (RCK) to electronic transactions for the purpose of clearing for several years.

This RCK re-presentment process is used to convert paper check returns to electronic items that are then submitted through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) for the funds to be debited from the CHEQ™ writers account.

CHEQrecovery™ uses a multi-phase proprietary process to more efficiently collect a higher percentage of your returned items faster.

CHEQrecovery™ Benefits

  • Eliminate All NSF Returned Item Fees
  • Eliminate Check Re-deposit Fees
  • Greatly Reduce All Other Returned Item Fees
  • No More Handling of Physical Check Returns
  • Easy Process to Implement
  • Customer Service Rep Assigned to Your Account
  • No Change is Required to Your Current Banking Relationship
  • 24-7 Access to Daily Returned Item Data
  • Returned Item Images Available Online 24-7
  • Built in Security Management
  • Works with all CHEQ™ Transaction Processing
  • Greatly Reduce Your Overall Banking Fees

CHEQrecovery™ Process

The consumer’s original transaction is returned after the first presentment of either an electronic CHEQ™ transaction such as an online CHEQ™, PhoneCHEQ™ or a paper CHEQ™ transaction. The returned transaction is then put into the CHEQRecovery™ system.

Paper checks are imaged front and back and converted to electronic transactions for processing. Electronic transactions are prepared for re-submittal at the appropriate time. CHEQ™ writers are informed that their CHEQ™ will be converted to an electronic transaction in the event the check is returned and the return may be recovered elctronically as well.


Paper checks may be presented a total of two times (the initial deposit and one re-presentment). TheCHEQrecovery™ electronic process of phased representment and verification allows for three presentments. The third time can be a charm!

Eliminate NSF Return Fees Banks charge businesses NSF return fees of $5 to $20 per returned paper check and returned electronic transaction items.

With CHEQrecovery™ there are no returned item fees for ACH electronic CHEQ™ transactions on NSF returns.


CHEQrecovery™ electronically submitted transactions usually get first claim to any cash in an account since Banks routinely post electronic items to consumer’s accounts before paper checks are posted.

Our proprietary process of NSF recovery, CHEQrecovery™ works consistently with all of CHEQ™ payment processes as well as paper CHEQ™ processing.

CHEQrecovery™ will reduce your transactions initial cost and increase collection efficiencies in a tremendous way. It is this process which makes our payment processing services so unique.