Real-time online secure eCHEQ™ payment capability not only makes moving funds far more convenient and secure, it also replaces labor intensive paper processes.

CSI’s, online eCHEQ™ payment acceptance process provides buyers and sellers with economic efficiencies and savings using a checking account debit rather than the use of more expensive credit and debit card processing.


eCHEQ™ Benefits

No More Handling of Physical Paper Checks
No Change to Your Current Banking Relationship
Built in Security
Easy to Use
Easy to Implement
Receive Payments 24 x 7
Lower Check Handling Fees
Realize Faster, Higher Collection Rates
Instant Access to Daily eCHEQ™ Detail
Online Reporting on All Returns
Lowers Your Credit Card Processing Fees
Online eCHEQ™ Hosting Also Available
Eliminate All NSF Returned Item Fees With eRecovery™

eCHEQ™ Facts
According to recent studies as few as 50% of consumers have a credit card with available credit, while most consumers have a checking account.

You will attract additional customers by targeting consumers that want the convenience of online shopping with the comfort and familiarity of paying by secure
eCHEQ™ .

eCHEQ™ Process
The banking industry and FED permit companies to receive web-based CHEQ™ payments through the ACH Network as WEB Transactions.

eCHEQ™ Online payments allow your customers and clients to enter their CHEQ™ information via your company's web site to make online eCHEQ™ payments for products, services, and invoice payments.

Online Security
Safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of your data is of the utmost importance whether you interact with us over the Internet, through an electronic terminal, or by telephone.

eCHEQ™ Solution
Add eCHEQ™ capabilities to your website to accept online invoice payments and product payments, eliminating the need to accept expensive payments via the US mail.

It also allows for an alternative payment method for goods and services from your website at a much reduced cost as compared to credit and debit card transactions.

Web Hosting
By utilizing
eCHEQ™ , online CHEQ™   hosting, you can provide a safe, secure way for your clients to make online payments while providing your own unique branding. provides the ability for you to have your web payment page hosted on our secure servers. eCHEQ™ can even provide the ability to setup recurring payments acceptance online as well.